Friday, June 19, 2009

Nodding Onions...or Garlic

I get in more trouble with these plants...I painted them years ago because I was so taken by their graceful, nodding heads. Then later, I decided to plant some in my garden because I like wild edibles.

BIG mistake. They took over...

I decided to paint them in my journal again today, though--because they're still SO graceful...

Nodding Onion--or Garlic

I wanted a more delicate effect that you normally get with watercolor pencils, so I lifted color from the tip...

Nodding Onion--or Garlic

A small plastic palette worked great here, and let me judge the mixed colors and values more accurately. I'll have to rubber-band it to my travel set of watercolor pencils!

Nodding Onion...or garlic

I used a small #4 Loew-Cornell white nylon brush to paint with...

....and added the more distant plants with Payne's gray watercolor and no previous ink guidelines.

(I found several conflicting names for these, so not sure which they are...even the descriptions were less than clear, so I'll have to wait till I can find the field guide!)

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  1. The final page is so very lovely with their graceful nodding heads.
    I am puzzled though, why do you use watercolour pencil as a diluted watercolour in the palette? I mean, why do you not just use watercolours? (I haven't used watercolour pencils that much and I am still confused by them. They are kind of like Sporks...are they spoons or forks?) I think you will have to let us know when you are doing the next online watercolour pencil class. I need to get to the bottom of these.


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