Friday, June 19, 2009

Jacaranda Tree Stop

I was a little early for an appointment and decided to hunt for a 20 min adventure on my way. Jacaranda trees are painting my life in a beautiful, lace lilac color - so the choice was obvious ;) I sketched a tree, took a picture of me sketching (while waiting for paint to dry a little more) and picked up a couple of flowers and seed pods to look closer.
Jackaranda tree
Jacaranda tree stop
Jacaranda tree - small parts
I am trying to use some soapy water with watercolor since I ended up with a moleskine sketchbook again - it works much better - and bubbles are fun ;)


  1. Beautiful "sketch" - I hate to call it a sketch because it seems much more complete than that. And great tip about the soapy water in the moleskine. I finally just used mine for sketching and pen and ink and gave up on the watercolor in it.

  2. Very nice .. thanks everyone for showing us your tools and sharing your tips .. it's inspiring, and so helpful!

  3. Nina, I LOVE this post. It's so interesting to see your work in situ. The Jacarandas much be glorious!

  4. Lovely work, especially your small close up details.
    Like the action shot!!!

  5. very beautiful!
    interesting to hear about your soapy water....


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