Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yard Mushrooms

'shrooms finis

I didn't have time to get to the park to paint more wildflowers yesterday, so I just plunked myself down in the front yard and sketched the mushrooms that have sprouted in this wet spring. (Alas, no edible morels, though!)

I'm gearing up to teach a new watercolor pencil class online so doing some new work with watercolor pencils and crayons.

This was ink and Lyra Aquacolors, mostly, which I use like big sticks of watercolor pigment--and of course that's what they ARE. I paint directly from the tip, lifting color with a wet brush and, as you can see, using the lid for a mixing palette.

I've got a few other crayons in there, and generally make my own custom "set" since there are colors I want and some I don't...


  1. These little mushrooms are lovely! Watercolor crayons look like a great addition to a travel kit - add an Aquabrush and go!

  2. Beautiful mushrooms. Watercolor crayons are new to me.

  3. Ooh. I do love mushies. And I am so impressed with the watercolour crayons.

  4. Lovely mushrooms...I've been finding and painting them in my yard.


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