Monday, May 11, 2009

Viale di Antignano Tuscany Italy, Google Maps

Daily Practice
Google Maps

We spent a quiet Mother's Day yesterday. Talked to my mom, sisters, children, and Charles cooked my favorite Lemon Steak and Tortilini -- yum!

We spent the day relaxing -- even fit in a nap! LOL And I spent a bit of time packing and 'getting in the Tuscan' mood! I virtually visited Tuscany, looking for those 'green' areas that had a street view, and I found this wonderful combination of flowers and architecture. I printed the photo and went to work on my sketch. (Yes, there was really THAT much foliage in it! LOL Probably inspired my choice! LOL) I've printed a few others Tuscan views to practice on the plane during the long flight 'across the pond.'

I enjoyed 'seeing the sights' and am still amazed at the technology that allows us to 'see for miles!' It was terrific preparation for my growing excitement.

We've got another rainy day, cooler than it has been. My garden is enjoying so much water, but being indoors today may just mean another virtual trip.... Care to travel somewhere in Italy?

Now if I could only get a good cup of expresso! LOL

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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