Monday, May 11, 2009

Ms Azelea

Here she lay on my studio table. I had forgotten about her for a few days. The other day I painted her with all the energy and bravado Ms Azelea was showing. How glorious I remember her being. But now the colors were all muted, dry leaves, and flat, all folded upon herself like some prom dress thrown on the floor. Yes now all the energy was replaced with an air of regalness and some type of majesty. Even now in the throws of of death she still was sharing with me and deserved another painting. I wish I could have done her justice. No hard line used this time, just watercolor and devoid of any volume like before, only flatness or some decorative quality.
It makes me think, while I was painting, is life counted by the hours we are on this planet? Or could it be by the length of time you are remembered through the years or centuries. If this was case it would be me and Ms Azelea sharing timelessness through this watercolor and possible blog. I think I like the later........I choose life.
This was in a moleskine book approx 6" by 8". Enjoy


  1. That was so beautiful! Not only are you a talented artist but a talented writer as well. Very meaningful. :)

  2. Ricky - Another beautiful sketch. Nature is an infinite teacher. Let's choose the best lessons that she gives us.

  3. Poetic words and painting; that timelessness sharing is especially wonderful. I like the idea of capturing things in all stages, too.

  4. She's even prettier in the "later years" than in her youth.


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