Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is the last drawing I'll show you of my botanical drawing course with Valerie Oxley, three weeks ago. Valerie told us a few remarkable things about the difference between thorns, prickles and spines. She wanted us to make sketches of them. She brought all sorts of painful subjects. Like roses (of course) thistles and Pyracantha (Firethorn). I made a few sketches but I didn't want to make one page with the different branches and leaves. I wanted to end the course in colour and decided to make a coloured pencil drawing of a Berberis twig. I finished the drawing when I got home. I really like this one. The sharp pointy thorns and the beautiful colours were a lot of fun to draw.

Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea'

The drawing I will not show you is the drawing I made of a Stachys leaf. We learned a few things about painting and drawing hairy and silver coloured leaves. The drawing wasn't very good. Maybe with a bit more experimenting with the different techniques I will come up with a good result but this leaf was a bad experience. The thing I learned that day was that I don't like to draw hairy and silver coloured leaves.

Anyway.... This course was a lot of fun. I met some very nice people again and Valerie Oxley taught me some very good things. I hope you enjoyed this too :)


  1. Sigrid, it's beautiful, even if it didn't do what you were aiming for. Silver hairy leaves ARE difficult! Thank you for sharing your work from the class with was a mini-course in itself!

  2. I commented this on your Flickr photostream, but I like the additional comments you made on the blog. This is quite beautiful (!), and I appreciate the sharing of your course with us.

  3. Amazing and delicate work. I am in awe.


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