Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet the Correspondents--Enrique Flores

I spent five years at Fine Arts university in Madrid plus 2 years doing a Master in Arts Graphic Design at St. Martins, London. I workedin advertising (JWT) for a while before choosing the weird life of the freelance ilustrator. I draw mostly children books that can be seen at my site

I also work for El Pais, an important Spanish newspaper. Those images can be seen at my blog

I keep day-to-day diaries and I store them in boxes. I guess I must have filled 200 or so. Everytime I go on my travels I make sketches and lately, photos. The first sketchbook I remember was a black and white ruled paper I filled in 1990 in Cuba with biro. None of the sketches takes me more than half an hour and I´m OK when I do about 4-5 drawings a day.

When I´m in ugly places I try to draw just to keep my hand working, no matter of the subject.

I use W&N and Schmincke watercolours and I use now a plastic box of 10 Winsor and Newton half pans. It´s smaller and less heavy than the Schmincke metal box and more comfortable for carrying around.

As for the image above, here you have a foto and drawing I did in Athens just to make sure eye and camera look differently.

un abrazo


  1. Welcome, Enrique, I'm delighted you could join us! Can't wait to see more posts from you...and thank you for answering all my questions!

  2. Hi Enrique - great to have you here as well and be part of this wonderful team!

  3. Your website is amazing! I like that you don't let ugly places stop you from drawing!

  4. Hi Enrique, nice to meet you. I had a look at your website... what an interesting layout with all your sketchbooks across the bottom like that so one can pick and choose to have a look.

  5. Thanks to all. I live in Madrid same as some other 4 million people, but I´ll try to look for some nature around so I can post frequently!

  6. We'll look forward to that, Enrique! I've always loved your travel sketches and landscapes...


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