Thursday, May 14, 2009

Texas Grasses

I have been trying to learn to identify the different grasses for a long time now and it is pretty slow going -- so much variety (and such teeney, tiny flowers!). I am pretty satisfied just knowing the common names so that is all I have put on these at this point. These three pages are some of the grasses that are growing in my yard.... and yes, my yard is a little bit wild (especially since all the rain we have been having in North Central Texas). But I like it that way! 

Just in case you can't read the writing, the grasses are:  
Page 1: Virginia Wild Rye and Rescue or Brome Grass
Page 2: Downy Brome, a mystery grass and my favorite Buffalo Grass
Page 3: Wild Oats and Windmillgrass
These are ink & watercolor on the hemp paper in the nature journal.


  1. Laura, the variety is fascinating! Beautifully drawn, and thank you for including all of these.

  2. Excellent work and they look so lovely with the backdrop of that natural fibre paper. A really informative treasure this.

  3. Very lovely- I used to know grasses quite well- but forgot them over the years :)

  4. Grasses are so under appreciated and can be so amazingly beautiful. Lovely sketching. I can't think of any better way to enjoy and pay tribute.

  5. These are quite elegant - what a variety you have in your yard! They are perfect on that paper. Wonderful layout and artwork!

  6. You inspired me... I just did a spread of grasses- but man are they hard to identify lol

  7. Hello my name is rebecca I am an artist I love drawing penguins and sunflowers and rhinos and polar bears. I just happened upon your blog I am glad that I found it. I take my art supplies with me every where I go even when I go shopping. please never stop creating wonderful pieces of art you are so necessary


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