Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Goldfinch

Yes I was doing my plein aire painting and kept looking at this tree....."did someone put christmas ornaments on the tree?" No, as my eyes got adjusted it was a whole HERD OF AMERICAN GOLDFINCH! I had never seen that many in my life. What a blessing that was....all I could do was stare and get my binoculars out. Thank GOD the sun wasn't playing tricks on my old eyes. This is a watercolor approximately 12" X 18"...140 pound cold press paper. Enjoy.
They looked like big lemon drops in that evergreen....strange but beautiful. I'm guessing the black on their wings were really defining them. Thank God for nature and birds. What a nice healing experience. I know everyone would prefer a portrait of the Goldfinch but that's not the way I saw it. God Bless


  1. Nice rich colors. I like the invitation to use my imagination and enjoy your experience.

  2. Don't you love this time of year? We usually see lots of goldfinches, too, and it's MAGIC...

  3. What a wonderful experience to see all those beautiful birds in one spot! It gives me "Goldfinch" bumps just thinking about it! ha!

    I think we are seeing a trend here -- First, there was the swarm of lady bugs and now a flock of finches! You must have a magnetic personality in addition to your magnetic art!

  4. Thanks to all and YellowCatArt you are so correct but there is one extra part here....God is good to me. I go out to paint with expectancy to see what nature has for me, the artist. So, I see and come across all kinds of things due to Easy old Indian term for he who can see more by becoming one with his environment when in it. LUCKY would be the term used by most. Thanks also for thinking my art might be're too kind. I think the Goldfinch should get the credit they are magical. Remember it was a HERD of Finches I saw which might be different than a flock?? hahaha.

  5. What a great post Ricky! A herd! So funny!
    For the first time, we have had American Gold Finches in our backyard and both my husband and I call them lemons in the apple tree.
    "Easy Eyes". Very interesting state of being.

  6. Beautiful painting and story, we are lucky to be the audience!


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