Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Runner Bean Studies

I think my garden is full of grubs and weeds. That's it! I've taken to growing what I really enjoy in peat pots to get them going and to give them a head start before being swamped by weeds and cut down by the grubs. With them right under my nose I noticed, for the first time, how the beans develop (okay, I know that every first grader knows this but I've forgotten since then!)


  1. You're making me want to plant beans! This is a charming page...

  2. I am often surprised at the things *I* learn teaching my kids :) Great page!

  3. Thanks y'all!
    Owen, what is EDM?

  4. Lovely page; I like the way you tell a story! I've taken to gardening in pots, does that sound lazy or what?
    I think EDM stands for Every Day matters, there is a Flickr group by that name.

  5. Ah ha.
    Elizabeth, it's not's practical ; )


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