Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Skies this Week

Our Skies this Week
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Daily Practice

We've been playing the game of 'sun and storm' this week .... we'd wake up to torrential rains, thunder and lightning, stiff winds, then a few hours later, we'd have sunshine, high humidity, and clear skies. A few hours later, the storms will roll in again ....with tornado warnings, slanty sun followed by purple/black clouds. The words for the week have been 'sky watching!!!'

I'm home at last and ready to google some Italy maps, THINK about what to pack, and tidy up a few loose ends. My plane leaves on Wednesday, so I'm going to have a few days to catch up on sleep, painting, and my family before I cross the pond. I truly need to unwind a bit before the excitement of the trip...

Thank you all for your most kind comments this week. I hope to catch up on your artwork in the next few days ...! I've missed the wee bit of leisure during the week to be inspired by the incredible artwork created by YOU!

We're in for storms again. I have a bit of running around to do -- my Euros have arrived, I owe the library a book or two, and I MUST decide which shoes are most comfy so I have to do a bit of walking to do! LOL

Stay dry and safe!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Beautiful skies, Miss Lin, even if they do mean such unsettled weather. We went for a ride last night and were in a narrow clear spot between two banks of clouds--it was wonderful to see the lightning and the setting sun touching the top of those towering clouds, but I was so frustrated! NO art supplies, NO journal, no camera! ;-)

  2. Lin this is one of the prettiest skies I've seen.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful painting. Your weather sounds rather exciting! Is your late spring early summer weather always so changeable? Here, in Vancouver, it is quite predictable...clouds stuck on the mountain and rain or after a windy front, an amazing blue sky with very few clouds. We rarely get thunder or lightning!

  4. Thank you all so much! Yes, spring is often unsettled for us ... but it seems a bit more intense lately!

    Ah, Kate .. what a bad break ....! Keep that stuff in your purse (says the kettle to the pot! LOL)

  5. Beautiful sky made even more real by your descriptive words!


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