Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet the Correspondents--Andrew Henwood, Saying Hello.

Hi there!

Kate has generously invited me to join this blog, so I thought I should check in and introduce myself.

I am retired, living in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or, as I like to point out - the South Coast of Canada. The last few years have seen me gradually working a little more on my sketching and painting, especially since I signed up to 'Flickr'. I do find great inspiration there, amongst so many good artists, and so I recognize that this blog, being a more specialized venue will enable me to enjoy and learn from yet more people who share similar interests.

I like to work a fairly wide range of media, subject and size: still exploring at a fairly basic level to find what suits me best, so I haven't actually done much nature sketching yet. I enjoy this area for a number of reasons though, which lead me to look forward to doing more. I like the easy and universal accessibility of good subject matter, and the fact that one is enabled to use lots of happy colours. And one more most agreeable feature - that no-one is to say that a flower has to be absolutely symmetrical to be beautiful; as opposed say, to a portrait. This allows those of us who find good drawing often to be a frustrating challenge to relax a little and find some freedom in small sketches from nature.

I look forward to meeting new friends here and finding lots of interesting work to appreciate. I have enclosed a link here (I think), to my site on Flickr, where you may find what I have been up to so far with my art.

Best regards to you all, from Andrew


  1. Hey, Andrew, thank you for joining us! I love your fritillaria, as you know! (I added your name and locale...)

  2. Hi Andrew, nice to meet you! I've seen your artwork on Flickr from time to time. I agree with you that nature sketching is quite agreeable! Beautiful study you've done.


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