Sunday, May 3, 2009

From Under My Tree -- I can see

Pinks, my Maple-Leaved Hydrangea, a Christmas Fern, Nandina Fire-Power, and a wee Holly.

The warm weather brought hundreds of people to the Farmer's Market yesterday for bags of assorted lettuces, cheeses, plants, herbs, and strawberries! Boy was it crowded! Music played in the neighboring park, dogs on leashes, babes in strollers, arms filled with farm produce and flowers - a festive mood despite the threat of rain. In fact, there were more festivals going on yesterday than there were hours to participate -- from strawberry festivals to the "Ham and Yam" to Firemen's Parades, etc., etc. Wow!

Opting out of all of these, Charles and I took a long drive around the countryside, simply enjoying the play of greens that seemed to have clothed the trees almost overnight ... what an array!

When we got home to unload a few things we purchased, I took my sketchpad and travel paint set to the front of the house, sat under a tree, and sketched the plants before me. I sat in the shade and the scents of the blossoms were divine...! So relaxing ...!

The clouds are back again today threatening sporatic showers. We'll drop by the grands for a short time, then spend the day resting up for another busy week.

Have a great Sunday!

Lin Frye
North Carolina
Plein Air
Daily Practice


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