Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feeling Like A Chipmunk

"I felt a bit like this chipmunk on my last visit to see the red-shouldered hawks. He heard the hawks calling and disappeared into a crack in the rocks. The male hawk is very territorial now and rightly so. He is currently doing all the hunting and is the primary protector of his family. There is a fine line between observing and interfering and I'm trying to walk that line."
Vickie Henderson, notes 5-2-09 I retreated to a quieter place not far away but also not within sight of the nest. When the male flew past me and began calling, I saw this chipmunk disappear in a hole between the rocks. I flinched a bit myself. I want to observe without drawing attention and I was grateful that was the case for the moment.

The female is very attentive to the young in the nest and I particularly liked this image of her looking down on her nestling.It is no wonder I have seen a change in the male's behavior. His job is a tough and busy one.

When I retreat to a quieter place to observe, I find myself spending more time observing other wildlife and flora while I take notes about the hawks' activities. Two adolescent squirrels were grooming on a nearby limb, a Woodthrush and a Swainson's thrush were both singing at once, and I got my first looks at a Veery foraging in the leaves.There's always more to sketching in nature than sketching! And it is joyous.

To see my entire series on this pair of red-shouldered hawks, click this link at Vickie Henderson Art.


  1. Terrific description of that fine line we walk, Vickie--and what a beautiful sketch of the female hawk.

  2. Vickie it is awesome sketching and the little chipmunk should hide. Good job with the body language of hawk and chipmunk. Great job!

  3. Gostei muito dos trabalhos ! Congratulations !

  4. Wonderful watercolour, this journal will be a treasure in the future!

    Regards Edo


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