Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chipmunk Progress

Here's a couple of images showing the progress I've made on my chipmunk painting. It's truly an experiment for me and I'm taking my time.
It's actually kind of nice to step away from it and have it waiting for me when I return home. I can see it with fresh eyes and decide what I want to do next, working in small increments.

There are a couple of reasons why its taking some time. First and foremost, there's a lot going on outside in nature this time of year, so I'm juggling all I want to see and do. But the other reason, I'm trying 90# hot press paper for the first time and it responds quite differently than 150# coldpress paper. So I'm taking my time learning its characteristics.
In the meantime, I've seen this chipmunk again. or maybe one of his cousins, while observing red-shouldered hawks. I turned to walk away after viewing the nest and spotted the chipmunk about the same time he saw me. He immediately dove into a hole under the pine mulch and disappeared. And this was the view I captured with my camera.
Chipmunks can be so much fun!
To see more about this visit with the hawks click here. To see my entire series of posts and sketches on these suburban red-shouldered hawks, click here. The first post in the series will appear at the bottom.


  1. Vickie I LOVE the diving chipmunk! How adorable...and I know you're going to enjoy hot press paper. It's very different, but FUN.

  2. I know what you mean about learning new materials! It's so much nicer to takes one's time and get feedback from the materials. Hot-press is a much different surface but fun, as Kate says. What a great chipmunk, both of them!

  3. LOL love the chipmunk bum! Too funny :) You will love hot press- it is so smooth- all the texture is YOURS! :)

  4. Ah! Fuzzbum! Wonderful texture. Thanks for the giggle.

  5. Your art is wonderful! I love these chipmunk drawings. If I could wave a magic wand, I would be a wildlife artist....alas, I am not that talented and have no wand.


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