Monday, April 27, 2009

We weeded a tree!

we weeded a tree!

While helping me put out some tomatoes, peppers, and onions Saturday, Bill pulled up what he thought was just another weed . . . only to find a walnut attached. He thought it looked cool, so he brought it to me to sketch.

LOL - A fun memory in my journal of a rare day he volunteered to garden! After sketching, we decided to put it in a pot and watch it grow.

(For some reason, the whole page layout isn't showing. If you wish to see it, click on the picture.)


  1. Hi Lin, I am taking my coffee break with your blog site today. when I weed trees in my yard I ususally weed Cork Oak trees. I love the drawing and especially with the walnut attached.

  2. Fun story and a delightful page!!

  3. Nice layout and art. I'm curious if you replanted this? If so, I would look forward to future drawings of this new baby....thanks

  4. Great find! I like it that your H brought it to you to sketch!

  5. Love it, Miss Vicky! (I find that if my stuff doesn't all show, I need to reduce it to about 450 wide, sorry...)

  6. That's so cool. I've never seen the like. Thanks for sharing.


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