Tuesday, April 28, 2009


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Daily Practice
Plein Air

Our Internet connection at the office has been down since yesterday afternoon, so I'm posting this in transit. Until we get our servers back, I'll be scarce ...sigh.

This is one of the flowering perennials we planted in our new garden this weekend. Those pretty pink spikes of flowers will continue to open up the spike as the maroon buds open over time. I love how airy this looks when the wind blows!

It's going to be in the 90s again today -- pretty hot this early in the season ... It seems summer is almost here ... and to tell the truth, I'm still thinking spring!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Lin, you hit another home run and I feel so dumb amongst all you smart people who know the names of all these flowers etc.. I love them all but never can remember the names. Good painting.

  2. Lovely, Miss Lin! And I'm feeling a bit out of touch myself--we have 'net, but no phones, and my email program is spotty...we become SO used to our mode of communication!

    Rick, that's the cool thing about a group like this, we all learn from eachother!

  3. Ooo. Lovely Gaura. They die in our winters here in British Columbia, unfortunately, but it DOES give me an excuse to go back to the Garden Centre!


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