Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tree Troll

The afternoon was gorgeous and me in my favorite place the woods. I was looking for peace and quite and a reason to paint. The red birds were going off, but I love them. After sitting for a while there he was....what I call a Tree Troll. To me they are gorgeous but you have to catch them when they start showing their colored bark. I caught him and he had to pose until I got done.
The patina [some people call lichen, I think] of his bark was just WOW!. I know my painting never does them justice but I keep trying and trying. Someday, God willing, I'll maybe have a happy accident in painting.
This oak tree allowed me my artistic license, which I use religiously. I'm not a botanist, horticulturalist, naturalist etc... wish I knew what they know. But I love all the things created on this planet and plan to paint as much of it as I can.
I used watercolor, ink line, and some gouache back in the studio. The woods is coming alive with color but I love what a rain will do to bark for a few days afterwards.
Some plants had green coming on, some fall colors still left with everything in between right now. I am getting better at identifying plants, trees etc.. But taking those books along, which I have in the past, and my paint equipment gets me bogged down. So forgive if I offend anyone by not knowing the species, subspecies and so forth. Maybe you can help by telling me what I painted. That is if I paint it well enough for you to recognize it. It'll be fun for all of us. Thanks


  1. Deep, dark and vibrant woods. Nevermind what the species is, it looks like you enjoyed doing this sketch.

  2. I really love the colours in this! Reminds me of a Tolkien drawing somehow....

  3. Thanks my friends. Yes indeed I am in my own little world enjoying all that God has made. Liz I am amazed at your statement because Tolkien is an art I studied for many enjoyable hours.

  4. Who cares what kind of tree it is? It is gorgeous... I think we should just name it after you and call it a Holtman tree!

  5. YEA YellowCatArt! You said, so shall it be, so is it now. Thanks, I feel really good now to have a tree of my own. What a family of friends. You guys are kind of people. God bless all of you.


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