Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to the woods

False rue anemone

It was another lovely afternoon, just cool enough--sunny, quiet in the woods save for the hammering of woodpeckers and the sounds of half a dozen cardinals singing in the tops of the trees. We'd had insomnia last night and were very tired today, and had errands to run in the next town...but the perfect chance to paint again was too good not to seize with both hands!

I settled on the rue anemones for my subject, since they were in such abundance, sketched the flowers lightly in pencil, and then finished up with watercolor. Before I left the park, I collected a cap from one of last year's burr oak acorns, and a twig covered with lichen, an indicator of clean air. I added them to the page after I got home.

There were several friendly walkers along the path, a couple searching for early mushrooms, and a young mother and father showing their toddler the river live--it was beautiful, idyllic and healing.


  1. I love this arrangement, Kate. Its so free moving. Bits and pieces and so much the way we find nature.

  2. This blog is wonderful! Thank you so much for initiating it! I love seeing the work of so many talented artists who are attentive to nature.



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