Saturday, April 11, 2009

Satterwhite Point, North Carolina

Daily Practice

Plein Air

Thank you so very much for the invitation, Kate!! Like you have found and so aptly described, nature is where I go for restoration, peace, and inspiration. I am honored to be part of this group, one that especially recognizes and expresses her beauty.

The day began with wonderful sun and warm temps. C and I packed up the car and headed to a lake about 35 miles from home that neither of us had been to in over 15 years ... (I know! I know! LOL). We drove around the area remarking about the changes. We disembarked several times as we watched fishermen and fisherladies on the lake being tossed about by the furious wind that seemed to beat us to the water.

We settled on a spot on the backside of the lake where the wind was kept at bay by the trees. C pacticed his guitar and I sketched the view before me -- deciding that I needed to hurry a bit in case that wind was going to catch up with us. I went straight in with the watercolor - keeping things simplified.
I loved this wee spot overlooking the lake. We were joined by several folks we 'tried' to fish .. but gave up after a while as the wind began changing direction and blowing more strongly.

After about 30 minutes, both C and I noticed that the clouds were darkening; and the wind, gusting more, was far cooler. When one gust came seemingly out of nowhere and blew my paints across the picnic table, we decided to pack up and head to the car.....just in time.

The rains came then, furious, cold and gusty. I was able to capture the majority of the changes in the lake in my sketchbook before we left -- I'll post those later.

Today looks like another beauty! I'm thinking we may head out again or work a bit in the garden. I really like this 'resting' thing!

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  1. Lin, it's wonderful to see you here! Thank you for accepting my invitation, you are the most dedicated daily sketcher I know. Given your background in botany and where you work, you are going to be SUCH an asset to the group in so many ways.

    I love how you described the day, too...hopefully later I can find a map function so people can tell us where they're working.


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