Friday, April 10, 2009

New members, already, too! Welcome aboard...

Please, new correspondents, feel free to add your posts and sketches/journal entries, starting right now.

I'll be tweaking the site (I always do) and any suggestions will be welcome. As we get new members I'll add them to the list of correspondents at left. I'd like to put your website, too, so if you'd write me at to make sure I have the right one, I'll add it! (Sorry, don't know how to make that a live email address...)

I hope to have about 20 correspondents to start, and have invited about that many so far today--artists whose work I know from nature journaling, books, the Nature Journaling Yahoogroup, Everyday Matters group, local artists, and our Flickr group pool, Sketching in Nature...I'd like to see us be as wide reaching with as many different habitats (and continents!) represented as possible.

If you know an Irish or Australian or Japanese naturalist, for instance, please let me know and I'll check out their work!

This is going to be fascinating...

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