Sunday, March 22, 2020

locked in - apricot tree. Concetta Flore

Dear friends, as you know Italy is in lockdown, as many countries prepare to be, due to the Coronavirus drama. It is reaping many victims in my country up north, especially in the most polluted industrial areas.
We aren't allowed outside except for shopping and real necessities- in a way, we're all in quarantine.
Lucky me, I live in a tiny flat with a less-than-tiny garden in Rome, and the weather has been lovely and warm (going to turn cold any time, poor blooms).
So I sketched my apricot tree, a very very old one; apricot trees  aren't supposed to live more than 45/50 years approx, but this one put up a new shoot from its rotting trunk, and is still delivering delicious fruit every year. I love it, and will feel bereaved when it will finally lose its battle with fungi.

Here's its portrait in watercolor.
Keep safe and healthy, and keep social distances if you can choose to!


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