Friday, February 23, 2018

Sketching at the American natural history museum-The bighorn sheep

Ok it is not precisely a sketch in the wild but it's still a Sketch of a wild subject :)
Gouache on moleskine sketchbook

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  1. Hi, Being a conceptual design artist myself, I can really understand & value what it is all about. No doubt nature is our best teacher we can learn from. I do accept that anything designed by human in this world whether automobiles, gadgets, accessories of any kind or even interiors and architecture etc etc are based on nature references. I do teach it all in my training studio for any of the design students. We observe things around us & take things for designing from nature itself. Then colour study is again derived from nature. Every artist know that The colour wheel study is based on nature only. Very good luck to all the artists here for more depth with every art because it is said that there is scope for every artist till the last moment of life..
    Sketch Arts Studio


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