Saturday, August 5, 2017

Seasons Changing - Lin Frye

Journal - A painting and a poem:  (small painting stapled to typed poem and placed in my journal)

© Lin Frye

Season’s Turning

Newly August and summer’s heat is smothering.
Yet signs of fall surround me:
Wispy waves of goldenrod along roadsides
Dinner plate Sycamore leaves crunching underfoot
Poplar’s shower as foliage rasps through branches
Golden carpets quilting the landscape
Emerald viburnum now turned celery.
Afternoon’s quiet, little birdsong or crickets
Plumes of ornamental grasses
Cattail fuzz, Queen Anne’s Lace, sapphire chicory
Chocolate coneflower seed heads
Sky haze and highway’s scathing shimmer
Unsettled dust of desiccated soil.
There’s a coolness beneath the sizzle, and
Though I wither under the steaminess,
The slow paling of trees and shrubs,
Roadsides and garden plots
Insures the season’s turning
Once more.

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