Saturday, January 14, 2017


Every week we take a walk around the yacht harbour here at Perros-Guirec and I always keep my eyes open for interesting birds.  The little egret is always there, on his own in the shallow water but this week I spotted a new arrival that I was able to photograph and then identify when we came home.  A red necked grebe in it's winter colours swimming around the boats and getting mixed up with the cormorants but I could easily see the difference when I zoomed in on the photo.  I've seen it twice now so I'll be keeping a lookout in future to see how long it stays!


  1. Oh, what a lovely sighting! So glad you could capture these on paper...

  2. Fabulous sketches. Your red necked grebe is a bird I have never seen. So glad you shared. Have a great week-end.


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