Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Artists Inspired by Nature

My friends and I have one thing in common: we are inspired by what nature shows and offers us, be that birds, wood, autumn leaves or the sky.   

Sybille Tezzele Kramer, has a wonderful eye to look deep into soil; she never forgets to draw roots. Her vision also stretches out into space: it is rare to find a drawing by Sybille not showing the sun, moon or constellations. 

Liliya Tereshkiv collects nature objects and brings them home. There she translates them into woodwork and jewellery.  

Lois Mathews is a long time nature journaling artists. She lives far away from me, but through her sketches I have grown an understanding of her island. 

May I present my friends and what is on my wall? Please, enjoy.

Sybille Tezzele Kramer:

Italian born Sybille Tezzele Kramer draws inspiration from her direct surroundings in Sud-Tirol. Sybille shows her appreciation for weeds with her drawing, named Erbacce/Unkraut. Notice Chamomile, Poppy, Alchemilla, Foxtail grass and Dandelion. Also, notice the smiling face of the weeds. Weed smiles because it is stronger than all the poison that is used. And why using it? Why do we categorize some plants as obnoxious weeds and others as ornamental plants? Why do we say some stones are pebbles and others are gemstones? Sybille creates a three-dimensional effect by drawing a heliocentric composition. Read more about this lovely drawing here. Sybille’s Erbacce/Unkraut/Weed is available here. The original Erbacce is touring through Italy as a mobile exhibition ‘Lo Sguardo Obliquo’.

Liliya Tereshkiv:

Liliya Tereshkiv, a Ukraine born artist, also living in Italy, is the woman behind Sorriso Design. Liliya shows us how nature inspires her by picking up leaves and pine cones and looking at the blue sky. Here is her lovely Etsy shop full woodwork, jewellery and home decoration. Have a look, you will be surprised. More of Liliya’s nature photos are here.

Lois Mathews:

For years by now, I’m enjoying the walks Lois Mathews records at her delightful blog Sketching on Whidbey Island. If there are sketches directly inspired by nature, they are Lois’ water-paintings. I don’t like to sit in front of a screen, but that all changes when I read Lois’s records and nature studies. Did I just feel a bit of fresh air? Or did I hear a songbird? Do I noticed footprints on the walking track? Lois’s nature journal enchants me.


An empty wall, wood and driftwood treasures and a few of my prints. I’ve put them together for a playful exhibition of a few of my prints. My love-birds and butterflies feel perfectly at home in their natural environment.

There is nothing definitive or pretentious about this, I can add and remove prints without damaging the wall. There is bark of an eucalyptus tree, a honeysuckle knot, pine-cone branches, driftwood, some wooden pegs and prints.




  1. Paula, your wall is beautiful and restful. Thank you for sharing your work and your friends' work. They are all new-to-me artists who I look forward to exploring further.

  2. Lovely! Thank you for sharing, Paula!


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