Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sketching Peregrines

Even without knowing their history, peregrine falcons make my heart sing.  They are one of the birds who's population was severely impacted by the use of DDT.  Now, many years after DDT was banned in the United States, much of the population has recovered.  I know of a few nesting territories in Oregon and in the winter we have an even more of these magnificant birds.

The winter I've had three opportunities to sketch a pair that winter near Cape Arago on the Oregon coast.  We park and wait and photograph / sketch.  I happiest when sit quietly for long stretches near a good subject .... and I can take my time sketching.
One day one of the peregrines spent over half an hour preening.  Another day the female disappeared briefly and came back with a gull.  The tercel (the male) waited on a lower perch and finally got the left-overs.  


  1. The poses are so full of life! Beautiful...

  2. Even with your quick sketches you capture motion. These are wonderful sketches.


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