Monday, October 12, 2015

Half Grown

I had fun sitting on a rock next to the Umpqua River sketching these half grown tadpoles.  Both will end up being bull frogs .... invasive, yet fun to watch and hear.  Down in the corner is a riffle bug.  He is very much like a small water strider, skating about on the surface of the water.

Earlier in the summer I posted tadpoles on my blog.  They also were field sketches so I'll add them here so you can see the progress they've made growing up.
Four bull frog tadpoles plus one from a smaller species..... and their shadows.  


  1. Elva, I like very much these sketches. I love forgs and tods

  2. Well done! I love having your insightful drawings of frogs.

  3. This is what makes this blog so marvelous, Elva...thank you for sharing the progression.

  4. Wonderful as usual. Love how you showed the stages of growth.

  5. Great inspiration for my own fledgling nature journal.


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