Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seychelles,Concetta Flore

Following up Ars et Natura's project on Seychelles' biodiversity, I'm back from the second trip in the lovely- but over-exploited-  archipelago.
Here are some sketches, very few between coordinating, carrying,  and mounting the group exhibition and getting some much needed rest.
More on the Victoria exhibition can be seen on the BLOG.

Wishing you a lovely August.
Cousin Island,a bird sanctuary near Praslin. On the right, a white-tailed tropicbird.

Victoria Botanical gardens

The large palm spider, Nephila aurata


  1. This is lovely, Concetta, thank you so much for sharing your corner of the world. What beautiful pages.

  2. The sketches are so fresh and light! I think they are beautiful...!

  3. Beautiful sketches! I especially like your drawing of the palm spider. I've never been a fan of spiders, but I am learning to appreciate them more through observation of how beautifully they are designed.

  4. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of this distant land. All are beautiful, the lily pads are my favorite, though.

  5. This is a beautiful series of drawings.

  6. This is lovely. I have a friend on DeviantART, she calls herself Temarinde. She paints in a similar style, wanting to become an illustrator. I'll show this blog to her ^o^


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