Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby Gulls

Each winter our mild coastal winters allows a patch of grass to grow in the rotted out top of this piling in Charleston Harbor.   And then comes the gulls.  It is as if mother nature has provided a ready-made nest.
Here comes one of the adults with food to regurgitate.  


  1. What an unique sight of seagulls nesting within people's view. I live in the Puget Sound area near the beaches and I've never seen a seagull nesting. We've often wondered where their nest were located….maybe we need to observe more. Lovely sketch and story.

  2. Most gull nests I've seen have been on rocky ledges and open areas of off shore islands. Most pilings wouldn't have this nice nest cup to hold the eggs. This nest site and another nearby have been a close-up treat.

  3. You've no idea how many herring gulls hae taken over Rome's walls and rooftops bang in the ancient city centre! they predate onpigeons and scavenge in the bins...noisy, lovely gangsters.Love your sketches, as always, Elva!


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