Saturday, April 25, 2015

Views from Italy

A little town in Central Italy, in Umbria, the same region where Assisi is. The town is called Amelia and we have a small house where we occasionally manage to spend a few days. The view from the windows is enchanting, since they're at the top of the high ramparts that support the buildings, towards the valley . It's a typical position for medieval italian villages to be high up and walled, against invaders. Unfortunately the new towns built outside the walls are more practical and commercial; old, romantic towns are void of life nowadays.

The hills are soft, but limestone rocks emerge from the thick ilex woods.
Down below the town, spring and afternoon light combine in lovely shades.
I had to quit before the wind blew my sketchpad miles away!


  1. I do so love these sketches! There's something so special about sketches done in situ. WONDERFUL post - hugs from Shroo:)x

  2. What a beautiful spot and lovely sketches of it.

  3. BEAUTIFUL, Concetta, thank you for inviting us to your world.


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