Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recent Sketches

Two coot hurrying across the water.  It looks as if they can walk on water.

I love watching and sketching coot.  Such busy birds.  And if you can see their feet, they are greenish with lobes running down each toe!

More field sketches.  This time of a raven, a sleepy Canada goose and a black phoebe chasing a fly.


  1. Love your sketches! I am brand new at trying to learn how to sketch--what type of pen do you use?

    1. Glad to help. The sketches in this post are black ball point pen.

      In March 2011 I posted two blog posts on pens on my blog: www.elvafieldnotes.blogspot.com. I still sketch with Micron pens, ball point pens, Uniball and fountain pens. My fountain pens are cherished tools but the others do just fine too.

      See also my Dec 2011 post on my fountain pen...


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