Friday, January 30, 2015


I'm still working on the January challenge on the Artist's Journal Workshop page on Facebook. The subject for day 28 was flags and my mind immediately thought of the floral variety, far more interesting than the other sort.  I had to copy the picture from my field guide as they are a long way off from blooming but at least they give us a splash of spring colour in the depths of winter!


  1. Oh so lovely, Valerie...I love flags. So delicate and they smell so sweet--you captured the delicacy beautifully.

  2. Such exquisite art Valerie.
    What a clever tack to choose the flowers rather than the flying flags!

    I've been trying to buy some flag irises with the lovely soft lilac tones. They've been very hard to come by here. I have the white one which a friend gave me and she said I gave it to her 30 years ago from my old garden! It's nice to have something come home!

    1. Thanks Shane, I've got some lilac flags as well as yellow and mauve ones. Shame we're not allowed to export plants across the oceans! I will have to try and draw them for you when they come out in May.


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