Friday, January 16, 2015

Sandy Williams - New Year's Day sketch

I'm a little late in posting my first sketch of the year.  I sat outside in the same spot that I have for the past four years and sketched the same little landscape.  There wasn't a bit of snow but it was bitterly cold and I went inside to finish the drawing with a Pitt pen and Derwent Watercolor pencils.  Since that day we've had plenty of the white stuff falling down, along with falling temperatures.  I'm already counting the days until March 1st, my unofficial end of winter celebration day.


  1. I'd been thinking about you, Sandy, good to see your post! It even LOOKS cold.

  2. Burrrrr. It does look like winter, even with no snow.

  3. I feel like I could walk into this picture. I love the sense of light and perspective. Fabulous xx


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