Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spruce Grouse in Riding Mountain National Park

Spruce Grouse are well camouflaged with disruptive plumage that tricks the eye and causes the bird to disappear when standing still.  The combination of these two characteristics, the broken lines in plumage color and their instinctive freeze response, helps protect this species from predators.
I sketched this male Spruce Grouse from a photo after returning from Manitoba, Canada, adding the rose hips that they were feeding on while I observed.  I was surprised we encountered six, and even more surprised that they settled back into foraging while we were still present!

To see the progression of this sketch, visit:  Spruce Grouse Sketch at Vickie's Sketchbook blog.
To see images of the Spruce Grouse, visit:  Spruce Grouse in Riding Mountain National Park  at Vickie Henderson Art.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and some relaxing time for sketching in nature!
Vickie Henderson

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