Monday, November 24, 2014

Sketching in the Po river Park

The works you see here were made from life some months ago (sorry! it slipped my mind to share then) in a group project, and will be on show in Monferrato, a Unesco site, in a few weeks. The area ranges from rice fields in the valley to romantic castles on the hills. Since then I had my carpal tunnel operated, and limited my activity to studio work and teaching for a while.

Please visit!

 I colori di Conci- Conci's colours: Disegnare e dipingere al Parco fluviale del Po e d...: Sono stata invitata a partecipare al progetto  "Artisti x la Natura" al Parco Fluviale del Po e dell'Orba   , in Piemonte, co...

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