Friday, October 10, 2014


We had one of those unexpected encouters today that make our life here in France so much fun.  We took our lunch in the local creperie and while chatting to the proprietor we discovered a common love of gardening.  He insisted we inspected the datura plant growing in their garden behind the restaurant and what a specimen.  Absolutely covered in these foot long golden trumpets of which I begged a couples of examples to draw.  We've already made a promise to swop cuttings later in the year, now I've got to find some space in my garden!


  1. I saw these trumpets in Hawaii, so amazing and fragrant. Great job on this.

    1. Thanks Teri, I later discovered that the whole plant is poisonous, even the lovely perfume that came out in the evening made us feel ill!

  2. Oh my! I had no idea the perfume could make you ill, but yes, datura is serious stuff, used for vision quests and such.

  3. Lovely story and painting, but I'm not sure I want one in my garden.


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