Sunday, September 28, 2014

These two trees are in the east corner of our lot, a cedar tree and a very tall, very old pine. I have counted 38 or 39 trees in our yard. Compare that to only one original tree left in our Kansas yard plus two trees we planted. This cedar tree was crammed full of cedar wax wing birds in the spring. Baby fox squirrels sometimes play in the tree house or sit on the top ladder step.


  1. Your yard sounds like a wonderful place. --- Nice layout on your spread.

  2. A very different environment, Kate! Still a rolling prairie but with so many trees ___many very old___ and GREEN, even through summer, instead of the dried grasses. Lots more rain, more creeks and rivers. Easier to see wildlife in abundance.

    And thanks, Elva and Pilgrim! We are truly blessed with so much "nature" in our new home. Not that it wasn't there in Kansas --- just not as "up close and personal" as it is here.


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