Sunday, September 7, 2014

Signs Of The Season

I needed an art fix so I took a walk around the yard to see what seasonal changes were happening.
The hostas are flowering and the bees are busy gathering pollen from them. 
A mushroom is growing under the hostas.
A spider was walking on the Black-eyed Susie's while the grasshoppers were jumping around.
The cone flowers are fading and drying out.
Tomatoes and green peppers are trying desperately to ripen before the frost.
Yes, autumn is near.



  1. I can almost hear the crickets buzzing at night. I used to spend my summers with my grandmother near Boston, and remember how I loved central Wisconsin when I came home just before school started. Your sketches brought back a good memory.

  2. So happy you enjoyed the memories again. Good time to come back from Boston to see the subtle changes.

  3. Absolutely love this page! Feels like "I" had that walk around the yard!

    1. Thanks quiltbug. Happy for the company. 😊


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