Sunday, August 3, 2014

Two from the Oregon Coast

Bandon, Oregon:  I sat down next to the river, about a mile before it flows into the Pacific -- 4 PM.
Tide is in.  It's a warm, sticky day, unusual for the Oregon Coast.  Two gulls caught my eye, then the cormorant flew past.  Finally the sparrows got comfortable with my presence and sang to me.  Such a nice place to sketch!
And on a different day........

Lagoon Campground:  An eight-spotted skimmer hangs low over the water.  She is somewhat out of the wind that blows inland from the Pacific.  The wind brings coolness to any spot not sheltered.  


  1. I love when you post Elva, it's always so beautiful to share nature with you.

  2. Lovely as usual. I can feel and smell the coast here. :)

    1. .... much nicer smell there compared to the smoke we are getting here.

  3. I always look forward to your posts, Elva, you capture such a sense of place...

  4. Lovely little details in the sketch Elva and just love the Dragonfly!


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