Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Immature Acorns

I found this branch with a cluster of young acorns on it and knew I had to sketch it.  So I brought it home. The intricate design on the acorn is so neat.

After I wrote the haiku I decided the sketch needed a squirrel because he was robbed of some food.


  1. What a wonderful page, Teri, thank you!

  2. Thanks Kate, I love finding these gifts from nature.

    1. You created a stunning page with these gifts! Love the shadows, as well, and the wee squirrel. I often find twigs that have been chewed by squirrels, I wonder if that's what happened here.

    2. Oh I wonder if that's what happened. I just thought it was the wind.

  3. Beautiful, Teri! I love this page and your shadows! Brilliant! And the little squirrel! :)


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