Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a few summer wildflowers and butterflies

In my wee wildflower sketchbook (3" square), I've been continuing to draw wildflowers found near our new home. Summer seems to have mostly yellows, with a few leftover white prickly poppies and orange Indian blankets. Not much difference between black-eyed and brown-eyed susans, sharing the same Latin name, but one has tiny brown markings near the base of the petals.

I also drew a few of the butterflies we've seen in our yard. Lots of black swallowtail caterpillars have been eating my parsley and dill, but I'm wondering if the birds are in turn eating them.


  1. What a charming project, Vicky. The little drawings look like a treasure.

  2. Thank you, Elva. These are very fast sketches --- I'd like to do more detailed botanical renderings some day of my favorites.

  3. Love your idea of sketching the wildflowers and butterfly's. I have yet to see my fist butterfly and I look every chance I get..

  4. Here in central Texas, we have had a variety of butterflies for several months now. But I am absolutely enthrawled by the hovering clouds of dragonflies! Red ones, blue ones, others too quick to see . . . and they eat our flies and mosquitos before moving on!

  5. So do I! In Kansas, we'd get one or two now and then but never these hovering swarms. I've decided that I'm now living ina fairy tale in this cabin in the woods and they are my pet dragons!

    I also have a pet wren who is nesting in a merely __decorative__ birdhouse on my plant shelf. I'll post a sketch of it tomorrow.

    1. Lovely, I really enjoy our wrens as well. I love thinking of you in your fairy tale...


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