Sunday, June 8, 2014

Plains Lubber No1 - Laura Gillis

Jiminy Cricket! That is one big honkin’ grasshopper!

Ink and watercolor in the Moleskine Bug Journal

This is the Plains Lubber Grasshopper. And, yes, he really is THAT big. The body is almost 2 inches long. His thorax is .5 an inch wide and .5 an inch deep. Add those big, long legs and this guy makes an impression when he comes at you.

I found two of these bad boys munching on grass in the pasture the other day. There seems to be quite a bit of variation in the coloring on the Lubbers -- I loved the pink and green on this one.

I wonder how much grass this guy can consume in one day, or in his lifetime? I would think a few of these put together would do some serious damage to a pasture already stressed by drought. How many Lubbers equal the consumption of one mama cow? I bet somebody has done a study on that somewhere.

In the meantime, I will keep drawing them. This makes page 30 in the “Bug Journal” and there are still lots of bugs out there. 


  1. Great lubber drawings, Laura. I also take a special interest in insects. Such a variety out there!

  2. good job! do they pose, do you take a picture and work from it? they sure don't look dead!

  3. I'd missed these, Laura! Wonderful and informative...


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