Friday, June 6, 2014

More Sketches from Yellowstone

American avocet:  this beautiful shorebird, along with about 50 others, spent one day on Floating Island Lake.  They often stop for a day or two on little ponds in Yellowstone when they are migrating to their breeding grounds.  I've only seen them nest on much larger, shallow lakes and at lower elevations.  
Way, way off a mountain goat looks down from the high cliffs of Baronette Mountain.  I sketched her through my spotting scope .... and still couldn't see her very clearly.

This is the second part of sketches from my recent trip to Yellowstone.  I try to sketch every day.  Sometimes I have time to take care, sometimes my sketches are just quick scribbles in my journal.  It was quite chilly for most of our time in the park, so most of my sketching was done from inside the car.  

This Townsend's solitaire is a member of the thrush family.  They are one of the early arrivals in Yellowstone and love to announce their presence from the tippy top of a tree.  

Mountain bluebirds are also members of the thrush family and early arrivals.  They nest in old cavities, often made by woodpeckers.  These two were busy inspecting this broken off snag, preparing to set up housekeeping.


  1. I love the pictures that you posted. Your work is amazing.

  2. More beautiful sketches, you have found such a variety of birds and animals, it's fascinating to see them through your eyes and follow in your footsteps.


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