Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Red-winged Blackbird

I think I could sit at the redwing pond ten days in a row and hope for more.  As it is we've gone to the pond three times this spring and I wish for more.

When the light is right I see his breath drifting is lazy swirls in the still frosty air.  It reminds me of some femme fatal smoking her cigarette in a 1940s movie.  The magic formula is a cold morning, the redwing and his breath should be backlit with morning sunshine.  For his breath to really pop, the background should be in shadow.

I got this sketched and nearly finished the paint part on location.  Finished it up a few days later at home.


  1. Wonderful, Elva! I've never seen their breath in the chilly air...

    1. You are missing out of a pretty sight. It really is fun to see, kate.

    2. I can imagine, Elva! I get up early but not usually out of the house very early.

  2. Wow Elva! to notice a bird's breath...amazing. I suppose it's too warm here for this to happen.


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