Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sketching in Nature

Lion SketchçıldırAniVariation on Dwarf Flying SquirrelVariation on Dwarf Flying SquirrelVariation on Dwarf Flying Squirrel
Variation on Dwarf Flying SquirrelWindow ViewSunsetingMagnolia and PinesRandonnée du jour sur le Mont Lachens (Var), le plus haut sommet du Var, nous étions les pieds dans la neige avec vue sur la Mer, que demander de plus......Sunday's hiking between Alps and Mediterranean sea !sketch at Bernheim Forest
Enbata, ZurriolanOpen the door"NATURE WINDOWS" by Kat MereandBar Dalittle bunny,6x6 "Nature Windows" by Kat MereandLake Side
Swans a "Nature Window" by Kat MereandSpring TreesMildred Knaipe RanchBaby Ducks, an acrylic by Kat MereandTrees in BarbieuxBus Stop
Sketching in Nature, a group on Flickr.
Trying a new way to share our slideshow since Flickr no longer allows embedding in frames.  But...this isn't a slideshow, and not sure how to find what we need...


  1. Oh my, why on earth have they done that! I resigned from Flickr Kate, otherwise I would go and scratch around to find a way to make it work. Isn't there some way of making your own...?

  2. Theoretically to protect their members, not sure how! They did tell a way to post a slide show from Flickr, but so far I haven't been able to make it work...obviously!


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