Saturday, March 15, 2014

Recent Field Sketches

First two are postcards I painted in the field for someone very dear to me.  I sat on the rip rap of the Coquille River in Oregon for this one.  The gorse was in full bloom and so very pretty.
A composite of things I could see from where I sat in the parked car next to Herbert's Pond, Canyonville, Oregon.  It was a little cool for sketching outside.  A flicker, a western pond turtle, a dandelion, and a pair of cinnamon teal.
My husband and I both spent two hours trying to get photos of ruby-crowned kinglets.  We stumbled onto a small group of them and tried hard to take advantage of the opportunity.  But they are constant motion machines.  Three times in a row I clicked my camera only to find all I had taken was his tail feathers when he moved to the next spot.  I finally gave up and got my paints out.  An artist has more than one way to capture the little imps.


  1. Just beautiful...I love your field sketches, Elva, they capture such a moment in time and place.

    1. That is a lovely compliment, Kate. … I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to field sketching.

    2. I believe you're right, Elva. I SO much prefer sketching from life; on the rare occasions I have to use a photo I know I am both more accurate and less lively.

  2. These are even more beautiful in person. Love how you captured the bird with pen and paint. Altho I don't know that that's any easier. :)


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