Tuesday, March 18, 2014

painting in the rain

Over the weekend our son Matt and his family camped out at Lake Somerville . . . in the rain and fog . . . to celebrate our grandson's 7th birthday. Still had a great time! Quen and I painted in our sketchbooks together in the intermittent rain.


  1. Looks like a wonderful time, for or no...great memories!

  2. It really was --- in spite of rain, fog, etc. But then, I have always loved watching fog roll in. So mysterious! The rain drops washed some detail away, and I forgot to take an ink pen, but that strange flat area in the lake (just above the text) was full of breeding white pelicans.

    1. Ahhh...I would love to see that again! Did they have a shelterhouse, or did you paint from the car?

  3. No shelter house in this area, though there are at other sites. Quen and I sat on our sketch-crawl stools under a tree . . . then ducked in the tent when rain got too heavy. Then back out when it became a soft drizzle again. I drew the tree from inside the tent.

    The lake has multiple options: tents only (w/wo water and electricity), campers, RVs, even some areas for riding in on horseback to camp. Also lots of nature trails to hike, restroom and shower buildings, playgrounds, a large dock to fish off of (or fish anywhere you want), and an amphitheater.

  4. Love this. how fun to paint with your Grandson. What lovely memory making time with him and you.

  5. I like how you captured the grey damp look of a rainy day …. tough time to get paint to dry!

  6. Thanks, Elva! Even harder to paint as the rain drops hit the paper while I work . . . but fun!


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