Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Nest

Winter strips leaves from many of our trees, revealing some of summer's secrets.   Here hangs a Bullock's oriole nest, still clinging to an oak branch.  I look forward to finding nests well hidden when they are built, but now visible for all to see  -- all who bother to look.


  1. Beautiful, Elva! I love being able to see these secret things in the winter...

  2. Every so often we see the bird itself around our yard passing thru, but I never have seen the nests. That would be fun. Nice job as usual Elva.

  3. This is beautiful Elva. I love the looseness and delicacy you have shown. How far up the tree are the nests found?

    1. Thank you Alissa. The nest are usually at least ten feet off the ground, most are in the 10 to 25 foot range, usually on the outer edges of the trees, but with protective branches above them (shade).


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