Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spring is Coming!

If I drive 80 miles east, I find myself high in the Cascades where it is the middle of winter.  If I drive 80 west, spring is definitely starting.  I live in the in-between zone.

I sketched this pussy willow and bumble bee on February 1.  The bush grows right on the edge of the Coquille River, about one mile from the Pacific Ocean.  More than one bee was buzzing about.  The willow surprised me because the same branch had fairly tight buds and others that were already full of pollen.

Willows have male and female plants, but I believe they are on separate bushes.  These would all be female.


  1. Love it Elva. Love your Bee digging in. :)

  2. Lovely painting, Elva. The bee completes the painting.
    Our spring is coming too. Pussy willows are growing and the male birds are getting territorial. Our male blackbird is busy chasing away other males from our garden. This takes up so much time that he often returns to our feeding place for his favourite fast food, raisins.


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